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there's something so chest-achingly nostalgic about welcome to nightvale that i cannot possibly put into words

i am way too funny and pretty for people not to be sending me free money all the time

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i made an alignment meme template for all your oc needs

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I love the raw chaos of things like this where you are literally the only person on the planet who knows what you're talking about

adhd things

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-plugging in headphones and opening spotify to play some music but a text comes through while it’s loading so you answer it and next thing you know you’ve been sitting in silence for an hour

-reading a book and realizing you have no idea what happened for the last chapter and a half so you try to reread it but you end up focusing so much on focusing that you still have no idea what’s going on

-spending 3+ hours researching adhd and other possible mental health issues when you should be sleeping or studying

-“my friend will be here in 10 min, that’s enough to clean and...” and then they’re suddenly at your door

-little to no actual conception of time passage

-starting projects with the full intention of completion until you reach the boring part

-pacing when you’re anxious, nervous, excited, bored, sad, happy, etc.

i know that waterfall is a No Bummers kind of place but if you havent been on tumblr or following the news and you live in america, please by the gods be safe

there are currently concentration camps in america (although there are many who refuse to call them such, thats what they are) and trump is talking about "removing" all the "illegal aliens" very soon and "very quickly".

1. people cant be illegal.

2. tons of the people theyre hurting right now are legal citizens.

while it may not come to pass, he has nowhere to send these people and he's already rounding them up. i am terrified of where this will lead. i dont think i have to say what im afraid is about to happen - im not sure i can even think anymore about it without being ill.

please be safe. protect yourself and protect your neighbors. may the gods be with you.


I popped my ace unicorn up on redbubble! You can get it on all the stuff! Fancy! I re-did it digitally to make for cleaner prints (and to adjust one or two things)


da2 really is the best game of the series full stop and the fact that i will likely never find a gem quite like it in my lifetime is so sad

idk if anyone here likes she-ra but heres a glimmer i finished!!!

sims 4 pride update went thru and because a ton of ppl started attacking maxis for not putting in a lesbian flag they did and ghhh they added the ugly ass aphobic orange-and-pink lesbian flag TWICE and the pink one that's made by a racist. :| why didn't they just add the labrys flag.... that's the oldest and most recognizable lesbian flag ,, im gonna die

come join me

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inked.... the boy......

(this is like 3 inches tall btw)

azula has aspd, c-ptsd, and is autistic, you cannot change my mind!

Out of this world. 💖👽💫

"but whats so bad about being an asexua-"

one of the arguments against ace folks was literally that we were "inherently rapists" because if we ever had sex, consensually or pressured into it or even forced, we werent capable of caring for that partner. exclusionists and aphobes argued this made us rapists - and when people pointed out that that was victim-blaming, horrific, and made no fucking sense, they turned it around to say that asexuals "turned people into rapists" by sleeping with them.

and that was just one tiny tidbit of the bullshit we face on the internet. wait til you hear the shit that happens to us when we come out and "reject" our lovers :-)

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hey no offense but can we please bring back character playlists as a cool and hip transformative work

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Umm yes please.

Here's a couple of 8Track playlists I made back in 2015. I used to have others up, spanning back to 2013 but I deleted them all in a fit of embarrassment a few years ago.

Clara, I'm Not Your Boyfriend (but I wish I was) - Twelve/Clara

Peter Capaldi: Bringing Sexy Back

They're a bit cringy but there's definitely some good songs in that first one.

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all my playlists are on spotify ajkldsd i have,,,, So Many

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why did my post break......

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deleted and tried again! >:3 it looks better this time

"stop saying i look like hatsune miku-"

this is still one of the best drawings ive ever done and its a frickin sally face vine meme ajdkslds


why did my post break......

i cant tell how much is a lot of followers to have on waterfall....

i have 59 but sometimes its 60